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Outer Hebrides with the Wayfarers Walking Vacations - review

The first of three back to back walks and my very first experience with The Wayfarers. I’m thrilled to say that it was everything I had … read full review

Rhonda C. UK, Scotland, Outer Hebrides, September 2017 October 31, 2017

Pembrokeshire Coast Wayfarers Walk

We booked three walks in a row, Pembrokeshire, South Cornwall and North Cornwall. And it turned out wonderfully. First off, the staff in Newport took care … read full review

Christopher G. Welsh Coast, North Cornwall and South Cornwall October 16, 2017

Restaurant Mazagao Carapeteiro on the Portugal Algarve Wayfarers Walk

This walk was off the charts. Portugal is a lovely, lovely place. From the Wayfarers office staff to our driver, guide and manager included, the personnel … read full review

Christopher & Nancy G. Portugal, Algarve, May 2017 May 16, 2017

The Highlands of Scotland walking vacation with The Wayfarers

As you would expect in such a magnificent location the scenery didn’t disappoint but the accommodations were wonderful also and the food….! beyond expectations. Thank you … read full review

Rhonda C. UK, Scotland, The Highlands, September 2017 April 30, 2017

Coastal walks in Northumbria with The Wayfarers Walking Vacations

I loved the coastal walks, they were everything I anticipated, especially the lonely beaches with Bamburgh Castle in the distance growing every closer and the prospect … read full review

Rhonda C. UK, England, Northumbria, September 2017 March 7, 2017

Stunning views in New Mexico. Picture credit Blaine Harrington III

We felt like royalty. This walk was a great way for our family to get together.

Alison S. USA, New Mexico, (private family group) Sept 2016 March 7, 2017

Druid Stone Circle on the Ring of Kerry, Ireland

The variety of experiences were amazing – forest trails, country lanes, boat rides, horse and buggy and a walk along the beach. The scenery was so … read full review

Marilyn P. Ireland, Ring of Kerry, June 2016 March 7, 2017

Stunning views in the Dolomites

We liked the scenery and the challenge of the terrain. The funicular and cable car rides were spectacular.

Brenda & David H. Italy, Dolomites, Aug 2016 March 7, 2017

A Burgundy Chateau

The group was small enough that we got to know everyone. Favorite aspects were walking in the lush countryside and having lunch or tea at private … read full review

Rosie C. France, Burgundy, June 2016 March 7, 2017

Alsace - walking through vineyards

Alsace is like walking in a fairytale… I think the Fall Walk is best due to the grape harvest.

Lisa K. France, Alsace, Sept 2016 March 7, 2017

The scenery of Alsace

The scenery of Alsace!!! Nothing quite like it. Learned a great deal of history. Will do another Walk!!

Joe M. & Rachel W. France, Alsace, May 2016 March 7, 2017

Mountain Views of Colorado

A great group of hikers and we all had fun. I liked hiking trails I have not seen before. Porphyry Basin was my favourite. The wild … read full review

Wasrin M. USA, Colorado, July 2016 March 7, 2017

Cottage by the sea - Outer Hebrides Walk

You’ve given me the opportunity to do something I would never do on my own. You provide beautiful lodging, arrange the best meals and drink and … read full review

Barbara C. UK, Scotland, Outer Hebrides, May 2016 March 7, 2017

Puglia Walk with The Wayfarers

Wayfarer alums made us newbies so welcome and immediately part of the Wayfarers family.

Ann H. Italy, Puglia, April 2016 March 7, 2017

Challenging hikes and fantastic views in the Algarve

Such a beautiful place, I loved it all! The Fado singer took us over the top with her voice. I recommend this trip. Difficult footing and … read full review

Jean F. Portugal, Algarve, May 2016 March 7, 2017

Falconry displaying during Cotswolds Walk

I didn’t expect a private harp concert, an impromptu talk by a bell repairman, to hold an eagle, to see Father Brown’s church, or see a … read full review

Phyllis H. UK, England, Cotswolds, May 2016 March 7, 2017

Barging makes for a fun trip in Burgundy

This was a very fun trip. We had a great time with Captain Yolanda and her crew. The barge, crew, and meals were amazing.

Stan & Jan P. France, Barging in Burgundy, Oct 2016 March 7, 2017

The Wayfarers in Pays Basque

This trip was 5-star for us. We have on occasion used other companies. Wayfarers are without doubt the very best.

Tom R. & Rosalind M. France/Spain, Pays Basque, June 2016 February 23, 2017

A square in Ribeauville, Alsace

We had a wonderful group of 12. The camaraderie was so warm. Every day I found myself walking with someone else. I’m hoping to travel with … read full review

Lisa K. France, Alsace, Sept 2016 February 22, 2017

Abbotsbury Swannery's cygnets

This Walk is wonderful, particularly the day at Abbotsbury Swannery. The little cygnets were adorable! The whole Dorset Walk is full of special events and surprises such … read full review

Barbara H. UK, England, Thomas Hardy’s Dorset, May 2016 February 21, 2017

Landscapes of the Coast to Coast Walk

Wonderful walk. The Level 5 rating is spot on. Enjoyed the unexpected bonuses, like stopping to read Wordsworth’s poetry and realizing how the landscape had inspired … read full review

Susan J. UK, England, Coast to Coast, Sept 2016 February 20, 2017

Personal Touches with The Wayfarers Walking Vacations

No organization I know does personal touches like the Wayfarers. Just about everything exceeded my expectations. The variety of the walks, the local people who came to … read full review

Wendy K. UK, England, Thomas Hardy’s Dorset, Oct 2016 February 19, 2017

Farmland on the Camino de Santiago Walk

The Camino Walk pushed me in both a physical and spiritual way. Eight strangers came together, helping each other, laughing and enjoying ourselves. It definitely surpassed … read full review

Judy S. Spain, Camino, May 2016 February 18, 2017

Port Isaac (Port Wen from Doc Martin) on the North Cornwall Walk

The Wayfarers did a good job moving the pick up time on Day 1, when everyone decided to arrive on an early train. When we had … read full review

Glen S. UK, England, North Cornwall, June 2016 February 17, 2017

Walking in Cornwall

The sales team in Newport were very helpful and accommodating before the trip.

Jo K. UK, England, Cornwall’s Creeks and Coves, Oct 2016 February 16, 2017

Northumbria Walk with The Wayfarers Walking Vacations

As a first-time Wayfarers’ walker we seemed to go from one highlight to another. There were just not enough hours in a day to enjoy everything … read full review

Jane S. UK, Northumbria, June 2016 February 15, 2017

Traditional housing in the Outer Hebrides

Every Wayfarers’ Walk I go on I feel like I’ve made new friends (and sometimes see old ones). It’s amazing how you can connect with others … read full review

Barbara C. UK, Scotland, Outer Hebrides, May 2016 February 14, 2017

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